NEW BANJOS and Some News

Got a new bike to save gas on my drive to work.

Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I wrote a blog/news post. I have been extremely busy. To get you all caught up on what has been going on I must start in order. Last year, I worked very hard to get a lot of intricate and time consuming custom pre orders done and shipped off. Those banjos took all of my time. But now they are happily being played by their new owners and I moved on to the custom “luthier’s choice” banjos. Of course all of this was in between repair jobs as well.

As time went on, I had a friend call me about doing some IT work (which is what I did before banjo building). Upon fixing their issue they offered me a full time job with pretty good pay (more than banjos pay for sure) and I decided to accept the offer to help pay some banjo company debt and get a new vehicle since ours was on its last leg. Since then, I’ve been juggling banjos, repairs, and the new job along with my passion … of aviation. However once I started working in IT again, I was quickly reminded of why I left it in the first place. It’s not for me.

Before all of this “new Job” stuff began to happen, I was considering flight schools for a career change. But when I started working, I thought to my self that I should put that behind me. As time went on, the nagging continued inside and I decided to apply to a local community college for their Aviation Program. This program is a selective program and I had to wait 3 months to find out if I was going to be accepted into the program. So I continued to work, and battle the mental “should I do this” or “I’ve got it good, forget about school”. The problem is, good for some was not good for me. IT is soul sucking to me and I needed “air time”.

On June 30th, the exact date where 9 years prior I had received my private pilot’s certificate, I was given the notification of acceptance into the Aviation Program. Because of the synchronicity I have been experiencing around this choice, I felt that It was indeed the right choice.

So, without further adieu, I will be starting flight school for instrument and commercial ratings on August 22’nd. That being said, I need to sell some banjos, pay down more debt, and get ready to be completely engrossed in my studies for the next 2 years.

I am no not accepting any orders. What I have for sale on this site is what I have. I will continue to build banjos as time allows so I have my artistic avenue of expression. However, I am returning to a part time build status.


I have two banjos listed on this site for sale. I will have more as time is available but I cannot predict the time it will take for their completion.

First, The Rising Phoenix. This was a custom built banjo for myself. However after playing the fretless portion, I realized that my style does not work for this kind of banjo. I love the inlay, design, and the amazing Tubaphone sound, but I know someone else who likes the partial fretless will get more enjoyment out of it. I have put so much time in this banjo that I will never recoup my investment of time. So I have lowered the price to help it sell.

Next we have a 12″ Custom open-back banjo with a rolled brass tone ring, and a steam bent walnut rim with tiger maple veneer. The neck is an incredibly figured tiger maple with walnut pin striping down the center. This banjo is the very first one I’ve made with a paddle head style headstock. A star is inlaid into ebony headstock faceplate. Fretboard is a 25.5″ scale ebony with abalone star and abalone dots on 12th fret. All other dots are mother of pearl. To learn more, click on the picture or the bolded link above.


To summarize all that has gone on is difficult. Many more events happened along the way (I forgot to mention I still have my band One More Dollar) and there is only one word to describe it all. Whirlwind!

I hope you all will bear with me as I transition to part time status and chase the dream of flight. I’ll still be making banjos, repairing instruments, and playing in my band… but there’s gonna be some variability to it all as I make Aviation my consistent focus.

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