The Rising Phoenix – Custom Banjo with Hard Shell Case



As with most of my artistic designs, I come up with a reason, or a meaning for the design. It’s not just to look pretty, but to represent something more.

This banjo represents the stages of the human condition. The Phoenix is rising from the ashes of Lady Liberty’s torch in the darkness of night. The moment of rebirth after the destruction that exists in all stages of life. In the middle is a star, a spark (made with Lapis Lazuli)… it represents a new idea, a new awakening to the change in one’s perspective which leads to the fretless brass slide with its copper inlaid sun rising over the waters with a new seedling of abalone germinating to take this new idea and grow with it. It’s brass roots go deep, deep down and join the past into the present.

The scoop depicts the Natural State of Mankind, liberty. Liberty starts with the individual (1/2 oz Walking Liberty silver bullion coin), you own your body. The money: your money has value outside of its exchange properties. Your property, you hold in your hand and with the things you buy, the liquid labor of your physical endeavors. They are your accomplishments. This liquid labor represents freedom to rest and allow the fruits of your past labor to make a better life for your future.


The Phoenix Banjo is done! This custom banjo is a 26.25″ scale with a 12″ tubaphone tone ring. All maple 4 ply rim, tiger maple neck. The first 4.5 frets make up the inlaid brass slide fretless portion. The scoop is a brass scoop with a half once silver bullion walking liberty. The head is a Renaissance head.

This price includes a Superior or Guardian hard shell case.



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