Little Birdie - SBL

The Little Birdie model is an 11″ wood tone ring old time, open back, banjo.

The name “Little Birdie” hearkens to the Snowbird name and the trademark snowy “Owl” that Jeremy designed to have a feel of a Gryphon on the old Vega banjos. Little Birdie is also the name of a song with the words “Little birdie, little birdie, come and sing to me your song” and we just think that is a perfect portrayal of our banjos.

The configuration:

Neck: Five piece laminated pinstriped walnut neck, abalone fret dots, and no inlay on the headstock. Ebony Fretboard and headstock faceplate. Nickel 5 Star planetary tuners with ebony keys.

Rim: Block style walnut rim (although steam bent rims are being planned later), with pinstriping and ebony rim cap as well as an ebony tone ring. The rim head will consist of a Elite fiber skin head with nickel plated tension hoop, shoes, and hooks. A brass acid etched and aged company label with serial number is affixed inside the rim.

Finish: Aniline Dye stain with a General Finishes type satin finish.

Inlay: Simple Abalone fret marker dots with an Abalone Star on the 5th fret. Additional Inlay can be added if requested for a fee or added after purchase.

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