Hand made resonator and open-back banjos, made in the Ozark mountain region of Missouri.


Originally developed from various banjo styles, Snowbird banjos are simple and elegant and can be made as ornate as desired with hand cut inlay.



  • Building A New System
    Hello everyone, I hope you all have been making it through this strange time in human history. I have been juggling work from shop reorganizing to luthier repair work to banjo building, all with lots of personal construction projects, so as usual, the builds are not going as fast as planned and I find spring […]
  • October Shop Update
    What a crazy ride we’ve had this year, and it only looks to be getting crazier. We are thankful to have our musical instruments to bring enjoyment at home and to offer some escape from the chaos.
  • Introducing the Snowbird Barn Owl
    I’ve been planning to introduce another model to the line, which makes it easy for people to order either as an individual or as a music store, but I wasn’t exactly sure when the best time was. I’m still only producing a few banjos a year (especially this year due to personal life obligations cutting […]
  • WhiteHawk – Marijuana Majortone
    This was a fun custom resonator banjo with a customer commissioned Marjuana Inlay motif. This banjo was delayed due to the shutdown and I’m really happy to get it on the road! Here are the specs:
  • Some New Changes
    Well, we hope you’re doing well in your “Social Distanced” home environment. A lot of you know about my personal ideology and convictions, but I try my hardest to keep it separate from business. As a result of my frustration over current events, I’ve decided to eliminate most of the social media platforms that I […]

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What Folks Are Saying!

I’ve very pleased with my Snowbird Banjo Company Little Birdie banjo. The workmanship is first rate and the sound and play-ability are absolutely satisfying. I’ve had the opportunity to put my hands on a number of Snowbird’s banjos and have been favorably impressed with all of them. I would unreservedly recommend Snowbird Banjo Company to anyone who wants a good banjo.
Jesse Owsley