NEW BANJOS and News Aug 15, 2023

I am pleased to say, that I have three banjos available for purchase. With that being said, if you followed our shop on Facebook or Instagram, you will no doubt have seen these banjos for sale already. It has taken me a while to get them posted to this website.

The three banjos were part of the original 12 banjos I started way back at the end of 2021. Some I finished and then life got in the way and they sat waiting to be completed.

Below is a link to each of these banjos, but keep reading for some important news.

Luna Moth – Whyte Laydie Tone Ring – Open-Back

Star Banjo – Rolled Brass Tone Ring – Open-Back

Moon Owl – Rolled Brass Tone Ring – Open-Back


Now for the news. If you have been following on our social media pages, you will have seen that I will be hanging up banjo building and Luthier repair work for the foreseeable future. While it is a difficult thing to do, I feel it is needed.

Snowbird Banjo was established back in 2012 originally under the name Ozark Songbird… later it was changed to Snowbird Banjo Co due to conflicting with other company names. Over this period, I have gone through a lot of ups and downs, progress and set backs, but I always attempted to build the best banjo I could. But with time, it has become clear, my heart is not in it anymore. So today, I am officially announcing that Snowbird Banjo Company LLC is for sale.

To all my customers, I want to say thank you for your support over the years.

Part of the driving force for this is that the shop is too small and our house is too small as well. The shop is a home/shop combo and we have been living in 432sqft of space for 5 people for 7 years. It was just never financially possible to build a new house and our place doesn’t have enough flat land for a quick pole barn shop. So many factors have come into play, but ultimately it comes down to needing more space to live.

So here’s the details:

Included in the Sale is: The LLC, branding, trademark, web spaces, all tools, all hardware, jigs, workbenches and cabinets, and random items that go into building banjos. In addition, this sale includes all other luthier items such as instruments that still need to be repaired, guitar building kits parts, and other Luthier tools. I have a large number of Mandolin parts as well, along with guitar parts. Also, I have a tremendous amount of quality woods… such as tiger maple, walnut, and cherry. Lots of veneers, banding, and binding. See video of walk through in the comments.

Here is a walk through video I made before disassembling the shop:

At this time I AM NOT SEPARATING ANYTHING, the business is ready made and can just be relocated to your building and start production. There are tons of jigs I’ve spent months, even years, developing in order to make banjo building more efficient. These items would be useless to someone not interested in banjos and I could not bring myself to tossing into the burn pile.

I have been doing inventory on all items in the shop for a few weeks now and assigning a value to each thing as accurate as I can. The spreadsheet is not yet finished but when It is, I’ll let everyone know and link it [RIGHT HERE] when it is completed. However, even though, the inventory is now beginning to reach an estimated $40,000, and I am still not finished, I am still offering everything for the $40,000. This does not include a building. If you are close by and are interested in becoming a Luthier, or just building banjos in general, I am willing to help on the side to get you going. I do not want to see the 11 years of brand recognition pass away. If you are not close by, you are welcome to contact me via phone for support. I have begun to move everything into storage to make room for the remodel and it will all be in one place if you decide to take a look at it.

Thank you all for you interest and I hope if you’re not interested, you can share this post and maybe someone else would be interested.

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