NEW BANJOS – Aug 15, 2023

I am pleased to say, that I have three banjos available for purchase. With that being said, if you followed our shop on Facebook or Instagram, you will no doubt have seen these banjos for sale already. It has taken me a while to get them posted to this website.

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Shop Update 2021-05-04

What a busy new year! I began a large custom commission batch, and as I was attempting to work on those, new orders kept coming in! Its fantastic, but it’s also overwhelming! Banjos that once had been a “luthiers choice” banjo, were “undone” to be made into a custom order. There was a lot of undoing, which is very inefficient, but necessary at the time. While working on these banjos, I am also busy keeping up with all the general Luthier work I also get in. We had just one customer bring in 20 bows at once to be re-haired, and another with 10 bows, and add to that the garden work, yardwork, construction work, and there’s just not enough days in a week!

So I am finding myself coming to a temporary solution. I am going to begin opening and closing the custom order window beginning now. So as of right now, the custom order window is closed.

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