October Shop Update

What a crazy ride we’ve had this year, and it only looks to be getting crazier. We are thankful to have our musical instruments to bring enjoyment at home and to offer some escape from the chaos.

It was our intention at the turn of the year to really get going with banjo production this year. Well, just like everyone else, we have had our plans interrupted by reality. So, as of this post, we’ve fallen short of our goals in terms of production. Good news is that we’re prepping material for another batch to catch up.

One of our recent sales was of the new “Barn Owl” model that we just began issuing. It’s a pretty awesome old-time banjo and the first customer to buy it was pretty happy with it as well!

“I’m hooked on the craftsmanship and sound quality that my “Barn Owl” Banjo provides and am more then pleased with it! I couldn’t recommend these banjos anymore for anyone just starting out or at the top of there game! Hats off to Snowbird Banjo for truly making a dream come true!!

It is planned to begin making these along side the “Little Birdie” to have a way for folks to be able to quantify what sound they like by naming a banjo.

We’ve also been rearranging the shop to “eek out” every last bit of space we have. Space is a premium here because of our building size and living in the other half. Plans have been made for an add-on but it’s definitely a “down the road” kind of thing financially.

As for now, we will continue to make banjos with the space we have, repair instruments, teach lessons, and … of course, have fun playing music any time we can!

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