Introducing the Snowbird Barn Owl

Banjos are quite often given model names in the Resonator banjo world, but it seems in the Open Back banjo world, they are not. I’ve been planning to introduce another model to the line, which makes it easy for people to order either as an individual or as a music store, but I wasn’t exactly sure when the best time was. I’m still only producing a few banjos a year (especially this year due to personal life obligations cutting down my building time). But after having a custom banjo order back out of their order, I have a banjo to sell on my website now!

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WhiteHawk – Marijuana Majortone

This was a fun custom resonator banjo with a customer commissioned Marjuana Inlay motif. This banjo was delayed due to the shutdown and I’m really happy to get it on the road! Here are the specs:

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