Hand made resonator and open-back banjos, made in the Ozark mountain region of Missouri.


Originally developed from various banjo styles, Snowbird banjos are simple and elegant and can be made as ornate as desired with hand cut inlay.



  • Snowbird Banjo Co Is Closed
    Many of my followers know that Snowbird Banjo Company has closed its doors for business, but over the past few months I have wavered back and forth about keeping it for the future when a building and location may become available. During this time of introspection, I have come to the conclusion that Snowbird Banjo […]
  • NEW BANJOS – Aug 15, 2023
    I am pleased to say, that I have three banjos available for purchase. With that being said, if you followed our shop on Facebook or Instagram, you will no doubt have seen these banjos for sale already. It has taken me a while to get them posted to this website.
  • Shop Update 2021-05-04
    What a busy new year! I began a large custom commission batch, and as I was attempting to work on those, new orders kept coming in! Its fantastic, but it’s also overwhelming! Banjos that once had been a “luthiers choice” banjo, were “undone” to be made into a custom order. There was a lot of […]
  • October Shop Update
    What a crazy ride we’ve had this year, and it only looks to be getting crazier. We are thankful to have our musical instruments to bring enjoyment at home and to offer some escape from the chaos.
  • Introducing the Snowbird Barn Owl
    I’ve been planning to introduce another model to the line, which makes it easy for people to order either as an individual or as a music store, but I wasn’t exactly sure when the best time was. I’m still only producing a few banjos a year (especially this year due to personal life obligations cutting […]

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What Folks Are Saying!

I’m Hooked!

I’m hooked on the craftsmanship and sound quality that my “Barn Owl” Banjo provides and am more then pleased with it! I couldn’t recommend these banjos anymore for anyone just starting out or at the top of there game! Hats off to Snowbird Banjo for truly making a dream come true!!

Cameron Wells

The Old Banjo has come back to Life!

A friend of mine gave me an old banjo he found in an old log cabin/house he was tearing down. This old guy(banjo) sat in the corner of my upstairs and I finally thought…”why not get this old guy playable again..so I contacted Jeremy Myers of Snowbird Banjo. I sent pictures and he said send it his way. I live in Indiana and told him I wasn’t in a big hurry to get it back, but he started working on it right away. He had his work cut out for him on this old guy. Not only was Jeremy very reasonable.. price wise, but he is very picky..which..so am I. He did an excellent job!! He posted pictures of each step and kept in contact with me every step of the way…giving his advice on things I wasn’t sure of. Thank you Jeremy and if another find like this comes along…I’ll be sending it your way for sure. I really appreciate what you have done for me and the old guy that was sitting in the corner of my house…kind of looking sad cause no one would or could play him…lol Not no more…he has come to life again!!!! LOL…

Very Pleased!

I’m very pleased with my Snowbird Banjo Company Little Birdie banjo. The workmanship is first rate and the sound and play-ability are absolutely satisfying. I’ve had the opportunity to put my hands on a number of Snowbird’s banjos and have been favorably impressed with all of them. I would unreservedly recommend Snowbird Banjo Company to anyone who wants a good banjo.

Jesse Owsley

Rich and full of sounds!

Little Birdie has suited my music style perfectly. It has a wide variety of rich and full sounds. After nearly a year, there is still nothing I dislike about this beautifully handcrafted banjo. Little Birdie is very easy on the eyes. The mother of pearl inlay is my favorite part and is always commented on and praised by others.

Raynna Myers