WhiteHawk – Marijuana Majortone

This was a fun custom resonator banjo with a customer commissioned Marjuana Inlay motif. This banjo was delayed due to the shutdown and I’m really happy to get it on the road! Here are the specs:


  • Nine Piece Laminate neck from Tiger Strip Maple from Old Standard Wood in Fulton Missouri with Ebony, Maple, and Walnut veneer lamination. Gaboon Ebony fretboard with Marijuana Leaf inlay design that includes a brass stem line going from the 22nd fret to the 1st fret, a 26.25” scale, and Ivoroid Celluloid Binding, head stock contains Trademark Snowbird Owl in Gaboon Ebony face-plate. Heel cap is Gaboon Ebony. Neck has two way adjustable truss rod accessible via heel. Fretboard contains 4 spikes for setting the 5th string key.


  • 4 ply Steam Bent rim is from Kiln Dried Local Walnut.


  • Curly Maple laminate with Ivoroid Celluloid Binding


  • This banjo introduces the first issuance of a hybrid dowel and coordinator rod. The dowel has the adjustable functionality of a coordinator rod but it has the look of an old time banjo dowel. I wanted to incorporate the dowel, even if it wont be seen to develop it for a future idea.


  • Sun aged wood, Aniline Dye, and General Finishes Gloss Clear Coat


  • Bridge is a Snowbird Banjo Created Bridge.


  • Keith Tuners

Tone Ring

  • 5 Star 40 hole Archtop Banjo Tone Ring


  • Prucha Presto Banjo Tailpiece Made of nickel plated Brass for the Scruggs sound.


  • GHS Professional Sonny Osborne Signature Set “Medium Light”

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