Some Changes

Most of you who go to my facebook page will see that I have up to this point been building my banjos out of my house…in the living room to be exact. Yes, we all know my wife is a saint!

Well it has finally come to the point where I absolutely have to move the shop out of the house in order to for it to sell. We have purchased just under 10 acres in Douglas County Missouri and I am designing my new shop as we speak. However, until the new building is built, my shop equipment unfortunately will have to be stored in a storage unit. We have had a growing interest in our place this last week and are hopeful that one of the interested parties will purchase it. So, until a few things settle down between trying to bring the old property up to show quality and sell it, and building a new shop at the new location, I am going to have to put a hold on banjo building for a few months.

I have quite a bit done on 5 of the 7 banjos I started, but they will have to remain unfinished until the new building is finished.
For those who have started to discuss with me details for custom banjos or who have already put half down, I ask for your patience as the new timeline has changed. If there are issues with this, we can resolve them via email.10003861_10202491523346875_1785034245_o

So while it is a stressful time right now, I am extremely excited about the prospects that await me and Ozark Songbird Banjo Co!


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