New Shop – Introduction


Over the last few months, things have been quiet on the banjo building front as I have been working to prepare my place for sale. I have amassed a great amount of junk in the 12 years I have lived at this location and I have been working double time to clear the property of items.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, there seems to be a withdrawal on part of the buyers to purchase our property and thus another problem. We’ll see.

On the banjo building front, I have closed on the new property and have become content with a design I have made to convert the existing 18′ x 42′ building into the future home of Ozark Songbird Music.

Shop Layout

The building (as well as the landscape outside) has quite a bit of work to do to make it suitable for working in/on, but the hardest part is finished. The interior does not have any sheeting on the walls so I will be taking down the existing partitions and re-configuring the floor space.

2014 Shop Photo2-small
Center Panorama facing north. This wall will be extended back 8 foot.

I will be adding 8 foot to a portion of the back in order to facilitate the extra room needed. I plan take out three windows and re-install them in the back (as shown in the drawing) where I will have a workbench and that will allow me to look out at the nice view while working. The interior configuration of the shop tools is only partly decided, however I believe I wont be able to really decide until I get most of the add-on finished and the new interior walls installed.

2014 Shop Photo-small
From the North East corner. These interior walls will be removed. (Note: the wall is not curved, this is a panorama picture).
2014 Shop Photo Outside 2-small
Front of building. Wood stove chimney will be removed and will be putting a front porch on. I will also be putting rock work under the building.

The front of the building leaves a lot to be desired, but I plan on upgrading the look over time. I do plan to install a central heating/cooling unit in order to maintain the correct temperature year round…this will be something I will have to do later due to expense.

2014 Shop Photo Outside-small
An additional 8 feet will be extended off the back. A deck will be also installed on the outside to provide a good place to play music!

I will probably add to the roof and make it 24″ inches higher in order to avoid changing the pitch angle on the roof in the back when I make my addition to the building in the back.

2014 Shop Photo Outside Back-small
View from the window inside the building.

I could get used to this view from my shop. I may or may not take a tree or two out. It just depends. For now, I am focused on getting the building productive.

As you can see there are quite a few items to fix. I’ll try and keep you all updated along the way to not only let you know when I get closer to finishing, but also to get your feed back along the way. Feel free to leave comments below especially if you have constructive criticism and I will take them to heart.

I appreciate everyone who are waiting on banjos for their patience and I know that the end product will be worth your wait!


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