Snowbird Custom SBC18001

The new Tubaphone has been finished. The result was and is exciting!

It’s been pretty busy around here with every figurative “iron in the fire” all at once needing to be worked. I have posted the results of this Tubaphone to Facebook and Instagram first simply because, I was too busy to sit down and write. But now that time has allowed, here are the details of the new banjo that I built for myself.

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Ozark Songbird is Re-branding!

***Editor Note: The below publishing is a migrated post from the Ozark Songbird Banjo website. We have since moved back to the Ozarks. Please see most recent post ***

After some time considering whether I should change the name of Ozark Songbird Banjo Co, I finally came to the conclusion, yes, I am going to change it.

Many of you know that I have moved to Alaska. I am on a hiatus of sorts right now with banjo building because all of my shop equipment is still located in Missouri. It is my goal to retrieve the equipment next spring and begin the long process of developing a new shop. Read more… “Ozark Songbird is Re-branding!”

New Shop – Introduction


Over the last few months, things have been quiet on the banjo building front as I have been working to prepare my place for sale. I have amassed a great amount of junk in the 12 years I have lived at this location and I have been working double time to clear the property of items.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, there seems to be a withdrawal on part of the buyers to purchase our property and thus another problem. We’ll see. Read more… “New Shop – Introduction”