Ozark Songbird is Re-branding!

***Editor Note: The below publishing is a migrated post from the Ozark Songbird Banjo website. We have since moved back to the Ozarks. Please see most recent post ***

After some time considering whether I should change the name of Ozark Songbird Banjo Co, I finally came to the conclusion, yes, I am going to change it.

Many of you know that I have moved to Alaska. I am on a hiatus of sorts right now with banjo building because all of my shop equipment is still located in Missouri. It is my goal to retrieve the equipment next spring and begin the long process of developing a new shop.

The name change came after years of being unhappy with the name. The “limited-ness” of the regional name prevented me from moving about. I want a name that matches me and my style but if I up and decide to move from Alaska to Arkansas, I can still use my name. My last name wasn’t suitable as there already is a Myers banjo product company out there. So as it would happen, I asked for suggestions on Banjo Hangout and I was given a fantastic suggestion. It’s perfect! It covers both the non-regional need and yet, still can point to Alaska.

Ozark Songbird Banjo Co will become Snowbird Banjo Company effective immediately. I have already purchased http://snowbirdbanjo.com and I will be developing a new site for it. For now, I just have it linking to this website.

I hope you will be patient with me as I discover a new world, a new life, and a new design to my creative personality.

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