WhiteHawk – Marijuana Majortone

This was a fun custom resonator banjo with a customer commissioned Marjuana Inlay motif. This banjo was delayed due to the shutdown and I’m really happy to get it on the road! Here are the specs:

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Some New Changes

Well, we hope you’re doing well in your “Social Distanced” home environment. A lot of you know about my personal ideology and convictions, but I try my hardest to keep it separate from business. As a result of my frustration over current events, I’ve decided to eliminate most of the social media platforms that I am on in an effort to stay neutral “Publicly”. Currently, the only “popular” social media that I am on is “Facebook” and that is tenuous at best. I’ve removed the accounts for Instagram and YouTube, I’ve deleted my personal Facebook account, and I’ve created a new LBRY.TV account to host demo videos and other video promotional content.

In an attempt to stay politically, socially, and humanly, neutral, these measures have been enacted to avoid the current situation we are all in. Again, I have my own take on this… and it’s not mainstream so I’ll keep it to myself for now.

I have two banjos that were delayed in their production due to the “shutdown” but the work to finish them has resumed as of this post, and I have halted production for this summer. I’ll be finishing up these two in the next couple weeks and then waiting until late fall before starting production again. As a result of all the Chaos created, I’ve decided to focus on the instruments I have parts for. That means, quite a few Rolled Brass Tone-Ring banjos. With that information, I’m still estimated a year out on new orders. I was hoping to catch up this summer but with all that is going on, I have new personal projects that have taken precedent.

So hang with me as I figure out with you what the heck is going on in life… and we’ll keep on making music in the meantime!

Spring 2020 Newsletter

Shop Updates

Between the end of 2019 and the start of 2020, we finished up 3 new Little Birdies and began to work on a couple custom banjos. In summarizing the year 2019, we tripled the number of banjos we produced and we built the needed jigs and components to make steam bent rims and make them efficiently. Everything to produce large batches of rims has been completed with the exception of acquiring a few more clamps.

I find it pretty amazing how when I am working it feels like I’ve made no progress, but when I look back at what I could not do last year, its astonishing to see what we’ve accomplished in just one year’s time.

Jeremy Myers
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