Resonator Banjo #1 Serial 19002

You are reading that right, a first has been made at Snowbird Banjo Company. While it may not seem like much of a milestone for many, I started this company as an open back banjo company, mainly because that was the type of banjo I built for myself. I really had no experience with Resonator banjos other than repairing existing ones. But as time went along, it became clear that in my area of the Ozarks, “Bluegrass is King” and is a very typical type slogan you would find. Grant it, that doesn’t mean there are not any “clawhammer” players who play resonator banjo here, it’s just not a typical sight.

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August 2019 Newsletter

What a wild ride we’ve been on since the last newsletter. So many wonderful and exciting changes have happened since then. This issue of the newsletter originally began as a July newsletter, but after setting as a “draft” for a whole month while I ran around like a headless chicken, I am coming back to it for August!

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November 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the Improved Snowbird Banjo Co Website!

Facebook and Instagram have driven my focus to social media rather than this website, but that is about to change. A lot has been going on, and sharing to Facebook or Instagram has always been easier and quicker but due to the limited reach of those platforms because of their “boosting” algorithms, I am moving back to a “newsletter” method.

What’s New?

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