November 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the Improved Snowbird Banjo Co Website!

Facebook and Instagram have driven my focus to social media rather than this website, but that is about to change. A lot has been going on, and sharing to Facebook or Instagram has always been easier and quicker but due to the limited reach of those platforms because of their “boosting” algorithms, I am moving back to a “newsletter” method.

What’s New?

Website and Notifications

Aside from a few layout changes to the website, the main update is a new subscription feature that now makes it easier to automate sharing and manage contacts and email notifications.  So if you have not subscribed to the email newsletter, please do to ensure future news reaches your eyes.

Exhibitor Engagements

I have been adding several vendor opportunities to my schedule in order to get the word out to local folks about Snowbird Banjo Company. It seems to be helping as many new contacts have been made and I am excited for possible new opportunities coming down the pipe.

Here, I was a vendor at a local fair put on by the Society of Ozarkian Hillcrofters to benefit the restoration of the shepherd of the hills icon uncle ike’s post office.



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The Shop

The shop has been a slow process to put together. Due to establishing our own living situation, the shop setup came as time was made available. That meant that work on banjos was even less regular. Now, I am able to focus on banjo building, instrument repairs, and all the other things I have going on with ease as the shop is fully lit and electrical is fully run.

In the future, there will be an addition that we will add to the back of shop building which will open this space up considerably and enable more “permanent” jig structures. As of now, all jigs and tools are mobile in order to make use of the limited space.

In addition to the new Layout and setup, I have a couple new very important tools. First and foremost is the Grizzly 17″ bandsaw with a 1″ resaw blade and resaw fence. This is making my life easier as well as more safe!

The second is a Grizzly Shaper. This will be a massive time saver when I get everything setup. I will have to still build multiple jigs for the jobs I want to use it for.

New Banjos

While there are no finished new banjos at the moment, I am pleased to be working on 12 banjos of various specifications. A few of these 12 are already spoken for, but there are a few yet unspoken for. If you are interested in a banjo, especially a custom banjo, now is the time to send me an email and claim it so you can add your customization features to it.

While working on these 12, I am working on forms for steam bent rims as well as a press for building resonators. My goal is to build at least one, maybe two resonator (bluegrass) banjos to offer with this batch. I am still sourcing the hardware for these banjos as I want to have a unique design.

Due to the limited nature of my work up to this point, I have been posting progress photographs on Instagram and facebook when I can to keep everyone in the loop on the current banjos. Here’s a little bit of what has happened since then. If you have not liked the Facebook page or the Instagram page, please do!  For now, here’s a few photos to catch you up.


With Fall in full swing, my focus now turned to full time work on the new banjos as well as the business in general. I am still doing solo performances on most weekends, however through the week is devoted to shop time and I am really looking forward to focusing on banjo building.

Thank you all for support.

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