August 2019 Newsletter

What a wild ride we’ve been on since the last newsletter. So many wonderful and exciting changes have happened since then. This issue of the newsletter originally began as a July newsletter, but after setting as a “draft” for a whole month while I ran around like a headless chicken, I am coming back to it for August!

With all of these changes, there are also some growing pains. Steam bent rims are being figured out and the process of doing that has been progressing along only slowed by quite a few reproduction necks as well as regular instrument repair work. This is a good problem to have though, and I’m even more excited about breaking through this little hurdle.

To view more photos, check out my Instagram account below.

Snowbird Banjo Company featured in Rural Missouri magazine.

Thanks to the Rural Missouri Magazine, we had a wonderful article published by writer Zach Smith who brought Snowbird Banjo Company to the many Missourians in this state.

The article has really brought some interest to Snowbird Banjo Company. I’ve logged many orders that are in que as we speak, and I am working to get some of these processes ironed out more efficiently so I can lower the wait time.

In addition to the article, I have a new album, “My Little One Is Waiting For Me” that is set to release August 3rd and this has created much of my busyness. You can get your physical copy of the album at my musician page at as well as a digital copy on iTunes or whatever your favorite digital download site is.

Thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to doing business with you all in the future!

Brandon Myers – Original by Jeremy Myers

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